Front Rack Box step-Ups
2 x max reps at 10RM, rest 1 minute between legs

EMOM x 14:
Odd: 14/10 Cal Row
Even: 30s max Air Squats

8-10 Minutes for Quality
Standing Straight Leg Raise x 10s/leg
L-Hold x 20sec
Lemon Squeeze x 10
Couch Stretch x 20s/side

EMOM x 10
2 T-N-G Snatches with a 2 count pause in the bottom of the squat
Same weight for all sets

Power Snatch 115/75
STRICT Ring Dip (add weight if you have 15 strict unbroken)

3 Rounds:
15 Facepulls
60ft Double KB Front Rack Carry as heavy as possible
Rest 30s

Non Alternating DB Reverse Lunge
3 x 12, rest 45s between legs

Russing KB Swing x 12 (70/53)
Strict Toes to Bar x 6

4 Rounds:
2 Arm Farmers Carry x 60ft as heavy as possible
Rest 1 minute between sets

5 Rounds per Arm for Quality:
Start light and go up.
12 KB Deadlifts
9 KB Cleans
9 KB Shoulder to Overhead

5 Rounds:
2 Wall Walks
60ft one arm front rack carry per arm 53/35
10 KB Snatches per arm 53/35

10-15 Minutes for Quality:
Turkish Sit-Up x 10/10
Plank x 30s
Side Plank x 30s/side
BB Goodmorning x 10

2 x Max Strict Chin-Ups, rest 90s between attempts

*compare to 4/18/17

2 Rounds Per Arm:
100m Unbroken Overhead Carry
Rest 1 Minute between arms.

Closed for Running Performance Seminar

Handstand Walking Skill Work

4 rounds for time of:
30 Sit-Ups
30 45/35 Goodmornings
100-ft. handstand walk or 100ft bear crawl at open standards

Core with extra time.


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