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Tabata L-Hold
Rest 1 Minute
Tabata Ring Rows
Rest 1 Minute
Tabata Handstand Hold
Rest 1 Minute
Tabata Row for Cals

2-3 Rounds for Quality
Turkish Sit-Up x 8 per side
1 Arm Bent Over DB Row x 8 per side
Rollout x 8
Sumo Stance Goodmorning x 8
30 Second Overhead Barbell Hold

Every 2 Minutes x 10: Clean Deadlift + Clean Pull + Low Hang (below knee) Clean + Split Jerk
*Go 5-10lbs heavier than last week.

AMRAP 6 Minutes
3, 6, 9…
Kettlebell Swings 53/35
Box Jump Overs 24/20

2 Minute Banded Hip Distraction per Side

Skill: Front Lever

5 Rounds:
20 Reverse Lunges with 50/35lb Dumbells in the Front Rack Position
50 Double-Unders
Rest 60 Seconds

2-3 Rounds for Quality
Lateral Box Step-Up x 10 per leg
Squat Press Outs x 10 Light
Groiners x 10 Alternating Sides

5 x 3-5 Strict Press @ 75% with 2 second pause during the eccentric phase at 2/3rds, midpoint, bottom of rep.

Strict or Weighted Chin-Up: 3 x 3-5 reps

Ring Dips (kipping or strict)
One Arm KB Clean at 53/35 (15 left arm, 15 right, 12…)

Sumo Deadlift: 3 x 10 @10RM, Complete 5 Box Hamstring Curls per side with a 2 Count Pause at Top

EMOM x 16
Odd: 15/12 Cal Row
Even: 3 Power Snatches at 55-85%

6-10 Minutes for Quality
Alternating Bird Dogs x 10 with 2 second pause
Alternating Dead Bugs x 10 with 2 second pause
Side Plank x 10 with 2 second pause

“Naughty or Nice”

AMRAP 12 Minutes
3, 6, 9, 12….
Hang Power Clean 115/75 (95/65)
Burpee Over the Bar
Wallball 20/14 (14/10)

AMRAP 20 Minutes as a Team of 2, Alternate Full Rounds
Run Room x 5 Trips
Alternating DB Snatch x 12 at 50/35

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