Less than 2 weeks till SOAR for Autism.  You can still register HERE.  Our November 1st Scream Team Competition is going to be AWESOME!  Register HERE.



  • Warm-Up – Bar x 10, 50% x 6, 60% x 4, 70% x 2
  • Work Sets – 80% x 5, 87.5% x 4, 95% x 3
  • If you are failing at higher percentages, drop your 1RM by 5-10lbs.

Handstand Push-Up Progression

  • 5 Strict for the girls/10 for the guys – Handstand balance work.
  • 3+/5+  –  25 t0 30 STRICT HSPUs
  • 2-4  – 20-25 STRICT HSPUs
  • 0-1  –  20-25 ASSISTED HSPUs, if you cannot do these, do perfect pike push-ups
  • Push-Ups – 25-35 PERFECT push-ups, TRY TO GET OFF OF THE BOX


150 Kettlebell Swings for time at 53/35lbs

*Focus on breathing out at hip extension and breathing in when the kettlebell is on the way down.*


It is highly recommended you watch this video before attempting 150 swings.


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