Part 1:  Front Squats

– Base percentages on 90% of your 1RM.  If you don’t have one, find one today.

– Work Sets:  3 @70%, 3@80%, As Many Reps as Possible @90%

Part 2:  Accessory Super Set

1) Stiff Leg Deadlifts:  4 x 8-12, rest 60s

2) Ring Dip or Push-Up x 4 sets, rest 60s

*If you get 12 reps on the Stiff Leg Deadlifts, go up in weight.*

*Ring Dip/Push-Up work is as follows:

  1. Don’t have push-ups on the ground – sets of 10-12 from the lowest box possible.  If they get 12, they need to lower the box.  MAKE SURE THEY ARE LEGIT PUSH-UPS, NO BUTTS IN THE AIR.
  2. Have push-ups but no ring dips:  sets of 3-5 negatives that should take around 3 seconds on the rings.  If that isn’t even happening, alternate sets of static holds at he top of the ring dip and the bottom.
  3. Less than 10 strict ring dips (no kip) – complete sets to near failure of strict ring dips.  Near failure means stopping a rep or two before you are going to fail.
  4. You have 10 Strict ring dips: Sets of 4-6 weighted dips.


Abs if time allows – Coach’s Choice



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