Our Story

Steve created this gym within the confines of his garage in 2010, in hopes of uniting physical fitness with an enjoyable competitive essence. The start of this gym was in result of Steve undergoing major spinal surgery and needing a healing outlet. The world of CrossFit offered Steve and his companions’ impeccable results in both their strength and wellbeing. Steve has witnessed the growth of his gym from his garage, to a small retail space and now the 5,000 square foot gym.

Dave joined SOAR in 2012 and provides first-rate programming, results-oriented coaching and trainer development. The duo has become an unstoppable team, creating a comprehensive program for all ages, shapes and sizes. CrossFit has given them the gift of health and wellness and the two yearn to pay it forward. Patrons will experience improvements in the quality of their mental health and wellness from less stress, to improved confidence and natural energy. Experience the life changing results by bettering yourself with the CrossFit SOAR team.

Personal Training

Have a unique schedule? We also offer personal training options. Email info@crossfitsoar.com to set up your Performance Care Assessment.


17 Passaic Avenue
Hawthorne, NJ 07506

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