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Your First 30 Days at CrossFit SOAR

Step 1: Schedule your Free Consult and Workout

During these 60 minutes, we will learn about your goals and why you have decided to try CrossFit.

We will also tell you more about the CrossFit style of training and take you through a Performance Care Assessment to find out if you have any joint limitations so we can better serve you. Then you will complete a short workout so you can get a taste of CrossFit.

If you don’t like what we have to offer, all it cost you was 60 minutes of your time. However, if you don’t try it, you could be missing an opportunity that could be life-changing.

Schedule your Free Consult and Workout today by going HERE.

(If you have done CrossFit before, please call 201-275-0212 or email us at

Step 2:  Beginner Package

Our Beginner Package includes 6 Foundations Personal Training Sessions that cover the basic and not so basic movements we do in CrossFit.  6 one hour personal training sessions would normally cost $420.

Our Beginner Package is $349 and we include a month of Unlimited CrossFit after you finish as well.

***If your trainer believes you need more personal training before joining classes, they will let you know.  We want you to have the best start you can and not understanding basic movements will hinder this.***

If you are ready to schedule your first Foundations session, go HERE.

Step 3:  Monthly Membership

We have several membership options.  We will soon have memberships that include personal training and/or nutritional counseling.  You can see our memberships HERE.  We recommend that everyone come at least 3x per week to achieve results.

Step 4:  Speciality Classes and Extra Help

 SOAR also offers Performance Care, Nutrition, Yoga, Gymnastics, and Barbell Classes,  Individualized Programming and Seminars.  Some of these are part of your membership while others are extra.  These services allow you to work on weak areas and take your fitness to a new level.

Step 5:  The Community

CrossFit works because of the community.  You come to get in shape and the community keeps you coming so you can achieve your goals.  SOAR is grateful to have so many awesome members that are welcoming and supportive.

Check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube so you can see why we love these people.  We even have a private Facebook group for our members that is incredible.


Personal Training

Have a unique schedule? We also offer personal training options. Email to set up your Performance Care Assessment.


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