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Remembering Beauty – by Nastaran Whitson

Yesterday, I went to my in-laws’ house (que the horror music) to help them move furniture. Both of my in-laws are well into their 60’s and unable to move well, let alone move other objects well. My father-in-law also has Parkinson’s disease which, 3 brain surgeries and multiple medications later, has left him on a walker and …
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The Snatch – 3 Mistakes Seen in CrossFit and How to Fix Them

The Snatch.  When done right, its a thing of beauty.  When done wrong, its a thing…well its just ugly…and frustrating…yet addicting.  Even though they are incredibly difficult, or maybe because they are, CrossFitters are addicted to the Snatch. Mistake #1:  Rushing the First Pull The first pull starts on the floor and finishes somewhere around …
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My Journey to CrossFit – Reclaiming Fitness After Spinal Surgery

  Once in awhile I hear from prospective CrossFitters something like ‘well it seems interesting but I have [fill in the blank body ailments] so I can’t do it’.  I challenge this notion, and I am writing this piece specifically for those folks.  It has been my experience that CrossFit, by fostering safely executed functional …
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