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One Way to Fix the Straight Arm Snatch with Coach Kim from CrossFit SOAR

Coach Kim covers a simple drill that will help eliminate that straight arm pull in the Snatch.  This can be done with a pvc pipe, bar only, or with weight.  If you add weight, only go up in weight when you now your form is perfect.  As Coach Kim says, video yourself so you can …
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Make the CrossFit SOAR Community Strong

COMMUNITY:  a group of people living in the same place or having  a particular characteristic in common.  A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. The CrossFit community is very unique.  We are part of a global family.  No matter what country you are in, you can …
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Cheeseburgers For PRs by Kim Bouton

Female train conductor: You are strong! I can tell…you have really athletic shoulders. What do you do? Me: Oh, thanks, I do CrossFit. FTC: I knew it! I want to get in shape. Me: Well, CrossFit will definitely help you get in shape and lose weight! FTC: No… I don’t want to lose weight, I …
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CrossFit Defined & Translated by SOAR, Part II

Read Part I HERE. CrossFit has 3 Fitness Standards. Understanding these Fitness Standards will give you a better idea on what CrossFit is all about and keep you focused on what is important: long term fitness. CrossFit’s First Fitness Standard There are ten recognized general physical skills. CrossFit believes that in order to be fit, …
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CrossFit Defined & Translated by SOAR, Part I

We all CrossFit. We talk about CrossFit, we post about CrossFit, but can you define CrossFit? How many times have your friends asked you what CrossFit is and you spew out a million different things and they look at you like, “what?” This is Part 1 of 4 (possibly 5) part series. Technically, CrossFit is …
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CrossFit Etiquette

All CrossFit boxes are centered around community, and CrossFit SOAR is no different- in fact, some will say we are among the best 🙂  It is a place to be social, hang out, make friends, enjoy each others company, and in general spend time with your gym family.  We have a ton of fun here …
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