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WOD – 5/16/2014

SKILL Ring-Dips – once we are done with pull-ups, we will be working on Ring Dips/Muscle-Ups. WOD 4 Rounds: Ring Dips x 15 24/20″ Box Jumps x 15 53/35lbs KB Cleans x 15/15   Can’t do a Ring Dip?  Sub Bar Dips or Bench Dips.   Post times to comments.

WOD – 5/15/2014

STRENGTH/SKILL Power Cleans – 12 minutes to a 1RM, then EMOM x 5 @ 90% Pull-Ups – W5D2 MIDLINE Turkish Get-Ups – 4 x 5/5   Post weights to comments.

WOD – 5/14/2014

WOD 100 Wallballs 20/14lbs (14/10lbs) 80 Double-Unders (80 Speed Steps) 60 Kettlebell Swings 53/35lbs (35/26lbs) 40 Toes to Bar (Knees High) 20 Power Snatches 115/75lbs (95/65lbs)   Post times to comments.

WOD – 5/13/2014

WOD 5 Rounds for Time: 135/95lb Push Press x 7 53/35lb KB Step Ups x 14 (7/7) Midline Accumulate 5 minutes in a plank.   Post times to comments.

WOD – 5/12/2014

STRENGTH/SKILL Front Squat – 4×3@85% Pull-Up Progression – W5D1 MIDLINE Good Mornings – 3 x15-20, rest 60s between sets. Tabata Sit-Ups – Try to beat last weeks number.   Post weights/scores to comments. P      


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