Month: February 2019

Check Your Email for the WODS

We will be emailing out the WODs each week with important events that are coming up on Saturday mornings.  Our whiteboard will be electronic as well.  Check your email for details!

How To L-Sit Pull Up [& Scale It!]

L-Sit Pull Ups have been popping up a lot recently on Do you know how to do them? More Info Just Like This! Get Started at SOAR

Isometrics and Front Squats!

Do you hate it when front squats pop up in workouts? Check out this video for some tips on how to improve them! More Info Just Like This! Get Started at SOAR

WODs – 2.11.19 to 2.17.19

Sunday, February 17th – Athletic Performance Seminar.  This is for athletes who are tired of modifying workouts and /or always having something bothering them during or after a workout.  This will be limited to 10 people.  Check our private Facebook page for details. Friday, February 22nd – Open Workout 19.1!  Register for the 2019 SOAR Intramural …
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The One Arm Dumbbell Bench Press

Check out this video to see the benefits of the one arm dumbbell bench press! More Info Just Like This! Get Started at SOAR


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