Month: March 2016

WOD – 4/1/2016

STRENGTH 3 Rounds NOT for time: 5-7 Weighted Pull-Ups (scale with HARD ring rows or Strict Pull-Ups) Farmers Carry x 120ft Rest 2 Minutes MAKE PULL-UPS HARD! WOD EMOM x 15 1)Press x max reps at 70% for 30 seconds 2)STRICT Toes to Bar x max reps for 30 seconds 3)Double-Unders x max reps for …
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WOD – 3/31/2016

TEAM WOD As a Team of 3: 10,000m Row *Must rotate every 250m.  Row hard, take chances, push your limit.  If you pace this out of the gate, you are doing it wrong and not getting the right adaptation for you fitness.* Post scores to TrainHeroic.

WOD – 2/30/2016

STRENGTH Back Squats – 5 @55%, 63%, 70%, 77% then max @80% WOD 4 Rounds of 2min on:2min off for REPS: 20 Kettlebell Swings 53/35 then max burpees with time remaining Compare to 1/28/16 EXTRA Abs Post scores to TrainHeroic.  

WOD – 3/29/2016

SKILL Skin the Casts WOD “Deck of Cards”  20 Minute Cap: Hearts – sit-ups Diamonds – box jump 24/20 Spades – KB Sumo DL high pull 53/35 Clubs – Jump Lunges (each leg counts as a rep) Cards 2-10 do the reps according to the card, Jack is 12, Queen is 14, King is 16, …
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WOD – 3/28/2016

SKILL/STRENGTH Every 2 Minutes x 6 sets:  2 Cleans (squat) + 1 Split Jerk Start at 70% and go up EACH round.  Record heaviest lift completed. WOD 5 Rds: 5 Power Cleans 185/125 20 Barbell Push-Ups This should be a sprint! EXTRA Abs Post scores to TrainHeroic.  


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