Month: August 2015


STRENGTH 12 Minutes to a Heavy 5 Push Press or a 5RM WOD 21-15-9 Power Snatch 95/65 Burpees Post scores to TrainHeroic.

WOD – 8/31/2015

STRENGTH Do as a Super Set: Front Squat with a Pause: 3×5@50% with a 7 SECOND PAUSE.  This is to help build comfort, stability, and mobility in the bottom of the clean. Weighted Pull-Ups:  5-5-5 as heavy as possible. ACCESSORY Do as a Super Set: Sumo Deadlift 3 x 12 as heavy as form allows. …
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WOD – 8/29/2015

Alex’s B-Day WOD As a 2 Person Team: 54 Burpees 8 Rope Climbs 29 Handstand Push-Ups 19 Power Snatch 135/95 61 T0es to Bar 800m with Medicine Ball Post scores to TrainHeroic.

WOD – 8/28/2015

SKILL/STRENGTH Turkish Get-Ups 3 x 5/5 WOD 4 Rounds for Time: 15 Wallballs 20/14lbs (must be unbroken) 5 Deadlifts 275/185lbs If you don’t complete 15 wallballs unbroken, you must restart that set of wallballs at 0.

WOD – 8/27/2015

STRENGTH Bench 3-2-1-1-1 WOD 800m Time Trial Extra Abs if time allows


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